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All about Reputations

What is a User Reputation?

User Reputations are used to indicate the general opinion of someone's posts. Reputations can be either good or bad. Your reputation is based on two kinds of vote - positive and negative.

How do I see another user's reputation?

In the side panel that contains a user's information in their post (join date, location etc.) there should be a gold colored square Reputation gold.gif or Gold Gold.png ,Silver Silver.png ,Bronze Bronze.png ,Black Small.png stars.If you hover your mouse pointer over them, this will give you their current rating. They show the value of the member. This value increases or decreases when other members add reputations to a user.

  • Reputation gold.gif - For Users Below 200 rep points.
  • Small.png - This stands for 200 points (Max. of 9)
  • Bronze.png -For every 2000 points (Max. of 4)
  • Silver.png - For every 10000points (Max. of 4)
  • Gold.png - For every 50000points

How do I add reputations to another user?

On the right hand side of the post, you should see this icon Reputation.gif that looks like weighing scales. Click on this and it will open a window which allows you to state if you agree with the post. Selecting "I approve" and adding reputation will increase one's reputation points, whereas selecting "I disapprove" and adding reputation will decrease it.

Please note: You are supposed to give negative reputations to a user ONLY under the circumstances of spamming, abusing or violation of rules! Abusing this feature would put you in trouble.

What is my "rep power"?

Your "rep power" is the ability to have an effect on other users' reputation. Users rep power is calculated based on number of posts, time on the forum, and reputation points that you have accumulated from other users. Your rep power will increase based on the following,

1st power if you have 25 posts and 1 rep point Followed by

  • + 1 power for every 151 days on the forum
  • + 1 power for every 1333 posts you make
  • + 1 power for every 1111 rep points you accumulate from other users

Please note: You can give a maximum of +25 reputation points to a user, once your reputation power is 25 or more.

What is “You must spread reputation around before giving it to “XXX” again”?

You cannot rep a person again before repping atleast 20 others. So in short you need to spread reps in order to rep the user again.

Few things to note

Please try and understand that reputation is something which should be given as a token of appreciation, but not as a bribe for getting back some reps. Here are a few guidelines you need to follow while giving reputation.

DONT do the following...

  • Announcing that you have added reps AND asking reps in return. Just replying in someone's thread that you have added reps to him is fine, it is a token of appreciation.
  • Making a small coterie where people always rep each other solely to increase rep count. We are already keeping an eye on a set of people like that, beware.
  • Asking people to visit your thread by PM/posting in other threads, is NOT acceptable. That is a very very bad trend. Carry the link in your signature, if people are interested, they will visit it. But dont trouble someone to visit your thread by sending them PMs and asking reps in return.
  • Negative rep others without a valid reason. Valid reasons include abusive posts, spammers or posting something that's against the rules. Kindly bear in mind that mods do monitor negative reps every now and then.