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Launched in November 2018 Xossipz is one of the fast growing forums connecting users, predominantly Indians, from all over the world. Xossipz offers a range of services like file sharing, picture hosting etc. for its users.

Our users contribute more than 1,00,000 posts on a variety of topics.

So browse through the forums, sister sites and services offered by Xossipz. Please read the FAQs and then take the plunge and register (it's free!) and join in the discussions.

Administrators, Supermoderators, Moderators and Council members

Administrators GodMother, GodFather
Supermoderators John Connor
Masala and Mirchi pondyannaXDesiMaster
Life, Lifestyle, Personal Advice & Tips  
Wanderlust =Kingston= 
Special Officers Xossipz Wiki Editor – Kat, MasalaDesi Administrator – MasalaDesi WebMaster, BollyGallery Administrator – BollyGallery WebMaster, Xossipz Sponsorship Manager – Xossipz Sponsorship Manager
Contest Master  

Council Members

The list of current councilors can be found here