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Infraction system

The User Infraction system has been implemented to provide a trouble free environment for XP users. Thus Abusing/misbehaving/unauthorized advertising/posting copyrighted materials and other rule violations are subject to come to under this system.

Since all violations cannot be treated equally, this system contains different levels. Every level is identified by a set of rules and specific infraction points. When a rule violation is spotted, the user will be issued infraction points based on the seriousness of violation and will be informed by PM by Moderators, Super Moderators and Administrators. It will expire only after particular period of time. Some serious infractions will never expire. You can view all of your infractions(current + expired) from your UserCP.

For instance, Users are not allowed to advertising other forums/websites. When a user is found advertising other forums/websites, it is a violation. The concerned user will be issued 5 infraction points and informed by PM about his wrong doing. This will expire after three months.

Any further rule violation by the same user will lead to accumulation of infraction points. If the accumulated points reach a particular value, for instance 15, the concerned user will be prohibited from using XP for 3 weeks. Please refer the following tables.

Note: Most of the infraction levels mentioned below apply to our sister site MasalaDesi as well.

Penalty on accumulated points

Accumulated points Penalty
15 points 3 weeks ban
30 points Life ban

Infraction level and points

Violations Points Expiry
Spamming in LLPAT 0 15 Days
Reminder of rules (Warning) 0 30 Days
Signature rule violation 1 3 Months
Asking for invites/passwords to other sites 2 3 Months
Posting explicit images as inlines 3 3 Months
spamming/bumping for max exposure of own thread 3 3 Months
Religious or Political posts 3 3 Months
Posting Nudes 3 3 Months
Repeatedly spamming in LLPAT 3 3 Months
Insulted other member(s) 4 3 Months
Negative repping without a valid reason 4 3 Months
Advertising other forums/websites 5 3 Months
Posting copyrighted audio files 5 3 Months
Posting pics/vids relating to bestiality 5 3 Months
Posting copyrighted videos 5 3 Months
Posting Scat/toilet porn on Exbii 5 3 Months
Abusive / Foul language 5 3 Months
Spamming/Bumping of threads for max exposure to signature 5 3 Months
Warez / Crackz / Serialz / Hacking / Phishing etc. 6 3 Months
Posting links from censored or filtered domains 8 3 Months
Creating Single Post Threads Despite Warnings 15 15 Days
Editing/Removing pics or videos repeatedly without any valid reason 15 21 Days
Posting copyrighted videos from specifically prohibited sites 15 12 Months
Posting videos with underage actors 30 Never
Spammer - id created only for advertising/mischief 30 Never