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Welcome to Xossipz, Buddy!! you have entered the right place to express your views, share your news and meet people from all around the globe. We have several forums and sub-forums here. The forum topics are self-explanatory. Look for the forum that matches your taste. Xossipz provides everyone with something or the other of interest. Go ahead and enjoy your stay!!

Chit Chat

As the name says, it is the forum where you can do chit-chat with people all around. All the subjects on the Earth can be discussed but yes, Politics and Religion is a strict TABOO!

No Holds Barred: Set your imagination free. Key in whatever comes to your mind. At times, you might bump across some good articles too. This forum is widely regarded as the lifeline of Xossipz due to the friendly chitchatting 24x7 crowd that is famous for this area.

News Reviews Gossip: Share the news, express your comments. Gossiping was never as fun as it is found here.

Sports: Discuss about sports. Get updated on facts and figures. Take part in regular contests organized by Xossipz's Sports Moderators and have a blast!

Life, Lifestyle, Personal Advice & Tips Post your questions and problems on any subject. Fellow Xossipz members and our panel of experts will try to help you.


Technical Help & Tutorials: will guide you through those tricky configurations and the oft repeated “How do I do that” kind of queries and computations that you always struggled with. Xossipz is filled with techies and hardly any query goes unanswered!!

Computers, Gadgets & Gizmos: Knowledge is sharing. Update / Share the latest technology in computers software / hardware. Many nice tutorials for novices too have been added by Xossipz regulars. In addition to all the regular threads about computers, internet and networking, it will have the novelty of knowledge about your favorite mobile/pda/handheld/music gadget/digicam to the already vast sea of information of Computers and Technology section.

Gaming: With the ever increasing craze of gaming spanning all ages and countries, it was only appropriate to have an exclusive section dedicated to gaming and gamers. We are sure Gaming is going to be your doorway to excitement and thrill that are a part of the discussions about any and every kind of game, whether computer based or on gaming consoles.

E-books: Bulky books or a simple CD? Download e-books of your taste. Share what you have.


Pics n Vids (glamour): Share the non-nude photos, videos, clips, films with others and also download them from others. The most glamorous place in Xossipz.


Pics n Vids (adult): Get all the adult photos, videos, clips content here. Think of some adult video or photo and you'll get it here. This forum is the most happening place in Xossipz.

Stories: Explore the fantasies of others and share yours too. A fledgling team of original writers spruce up this section!

Torrents: Finding it difficult to download huge files? A torrent is the best option. Start leeching & don't forget to seed back!! A thriving section in the Xossipz environ.


Introduction: A forum for newly registered users to introduce themselves and join this great community.

Help, Suggestions, Bug reports, Complaints etc.,: Yeah you read it correct. you can report/complaint about the difficulties, problems etc., that you might face on Xossipz by starting a new thread here. Admins, mods, and MCs will try to help you.

Requests: As the name suggests, here you can requests for pics and vids, 'who is she' questions and other such stuff.

Test Area: This forum is for users to test something. for instance, attachments, posting pictures, posting videos, smileys, Xossipz custom features, VB features etc.,

Parking lot: Here you will find all threads that are related to old announcements, meets, events, contests etc.