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What are XP Elections?

XP Elections are just like the normal elections you see in real life! It is an annual event held around the month of April-May. The winner gets an Election Winner Dibba and NHB Moderator-ship for a whole month along with a few other additional perks for his party members.

How are the elections conducted?

The fun starts with the EC(Election Commissioner(s)) recruitment drive. Anybody can throw their hat in the ring for the post of EC. The Admin team will select a few among the general public to become EC's.

What will the EC's do?

The Election Commissioner(s) oversee the election. They frame the rules and the other groundwork to conduct the elections in a free and fair manner. To oversee the chosen EC's, a CEC(Chief EC) is chosen from the Admin team.

So what happens next?

The chosen EC's will officially announce the elections and once that happens, party leaders can open party threads and form their own parties. The objective, like any other elections, is to garner as many votes as possible for the party. The party with the highest votes wins.

Is it really that simple?

Nah! Not really! Election Commissioner(s) can choose to conduct the elections in any way they want to add fun to the whole thing. So, issues such as pre-poll mergers, post-poll mergers, auctions for Star players ( Read Mods/SuMo's/Admins) and many more make sure that the elections are anything but simple! The overall idea is to of course have lots of fun!