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Betting Badshah

What is this?

This was a betting game just for fun. Every user starts with 500000 in fake money to make bets. You can bet on events/matches started by the bookies. This betting game is no longer active in Xossipz.

Why can't I start an event?

Only bookies start the events/matches. You may bet on any event/matches you wish to.

How do I bet?

Enter an event thread, type in the number you want to bet next to the corresponding odds you favor, and then click bet now.


Why isn't the game I want listed on here for betting?

All events/matches will be posted atleast 1 day before the event/match starts. Please be patient with the bookies. They will do what they can.

Is there any way of viewing the currently open/closed/settled events?

Yes you can! Just visit vbookie from the XP header section to view all these details!

I placed my bets, but why i cant see my bets in the betting thread?

Only the last 20 names with maximum amount will be seen in the betting thread.

What happens if I run out of money?

You lost your shirt. Better luck next time.

Where do I find out how much cash I have?

Under your posts statistics it will say "Vcash".

Can I give my cash to other users?


When will my cash total be changed after a game has concluded?

When a bookie settles the event, your cash will be updated. Please keep in mind this may not happen immediately after the game.

How the bets are settled?

'10 to 1' means win 10 for every 1 bet. '2 to 5' means win 2 for every 5 bet. Stakes are also returned in the event of a winning bet.

For eg. if you have placed 5000 on a 3:1 bet that wins, you will stand to net a profit of 15,000 from this bet.

What's the maximum amount i can win from any bet?

You can win a maximum of 25,000 from any bet.So when placing any bet make sure that your maximum profit from that bet doesn't exceed 25,000,otherwise your bet will be rejected!

What are rewards for winning the tournament?

  • Depending on the tournament a BB dibba VBookieCricket1.png will be awarded to the winner along with Reps and FQ Bandwidth.
  • You can CONVERT your final Vcash into reps! We will deduct the initial vcash given free and convert the remaining vcash into reps. BUT, beware.. if you have less than the initial Vcash by the end of it, then reps will be deducted from your account. Afterall betting is no fun without a risk of losing, isnt it?.
  • The conversion ratio will be announced later.
  • The top 10 players have the option of converting their Vcash either into Filesquick Bandwidth or Reps.