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Torrents is just childs play. Here is an explanation in simple words..

For example, if one wanted to share a 40 MB video with downloaders - normally one would upload it to some webserver (like rapidshare or filesquick) and if ten downloaders download the file, then 400MB bandwidth is consumed.

Torrents is a p2p (peer to peer) file sharing network. So, instead of uploading the 40MB video to the server, one makes a small torrent file (You can use any torrent client to make a new torrent - we will get to that part later).

I make a torrent file ( which will be <10kb or so in size - its just a text file). This torrent file will contain information about the file I have (in my hard disk) and the file size, file name.

Now, instead of uploading the 40MB file, i upload this 10kb torrent file to a tracker (think of tracker as a server that manages torrent clients).

Now, lets say A wants to download this file from me. He comes and happily downloads this 10kb file from me and double clicks on the torrent file to open it using the torrent client (there are lots of torrents clients available - UTorrent is recommended). When A opens this downloaded torrent file using torrent client, the torrent client understands the torrent and thinks "Hmm.. Ok so B has this file - alright. i now know where to get this file from..." and starts downloading the actual file.

Now lets say C enters and downloads the same torrent file and opens the file using his torrent client, now the torrent client sees that "Hmm...Ok A has the full file and B is still downloading - he has downloaded about 30% of the file". So the torrent client downloads the file from both A and B at the same time. Now, after B or C has finished download, A can go offline and completely forget about the file as B and C now have a full copy of this file and they can seed this file

In the above example - A is the seeder (as he is the one uploading) and B is a leecher (As he is downloading from A) and a seeder (As he is uploading for C).

Note that all these actions are handled by the tracker. You just need to download the torrent and double click and sit back and relax. That's all

Right, lets start with an example:

  • Install this
  • Then visit the Xossipz Torrents forum and download a torrent. Now open the torrent file (just double click) using your Torrent Client (utorrent).
  • utorrent will ask you where you want to save the file. Pick the destination and leave the window open.
  • That's all. Your Torrent will start downloading.
  • You do not need to enable any Torrents passkey. The whole process is automatic.

Also have a look at some of the tutorials posted in Tutorials: Torrents.