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Pics and Vids: Since this forum is the most accessed of all, it is important that a user knows about forum Netiquette!! Netiquette can best be defined as internet forum good manners!

I am new here. What is the code of conduct in this forum?

  • DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!! This is the internet version of shouting and is considered rude.
  • Go easy on the colors and font sizes. They're there for occasional use - NOT for putting up huge posts in lurid colors!
  • Don't quote large quantities of someone else's post, just to put a one line answer like "I agree"
  • Don't paste in huge amounts of data from elsewhere. If you want people to look at something on the web that you've written, then paste a link!
  • Don't overuse smilies in your posts!

Am confused! What classifies as Mirchi and what as Masala?

Anything non-nude goes in Masala(PNV-Glamour) and anything nude goes in Mirchi(PNV-Adult). Its as simple as that! If you want to start a thread with a healthy mix of both start it up @Mirchi. If you still face any doubt feel free to contact any PNV Moderator.

What are prefixes?

Prefixes are a way to tag your threads. Currently, prefixes are mandatory to create a thread in the Masala/Mirchi sections. Using prefixes makes it easier for people to browse the threads in the categories they prefer. Kindly prefix your thread with the appropriate tags provided. If you have any doubts regarding what prefix to add to a particular thread, feel free to take the help of any admin member. Details of prefixes are given here.

I can see some Pics n Vids (adult) threads have the prefix Xclusive but I can't add it to my thread. How to achieve this prefix?

Xclusive prefix is awarded to threads which are Xossipz exclusive and people post pictures and videos of their wives or girl friends. You cannot add this prefix on your own. Details of Xossipz Xclusive are given here.

Why do I get or see “Your post contains a redirected link. Post the original link. See the FAQ or wiki for details.” message when I try to post a link?

Why do i get "Your post contains a link to a paying host. Such links are not allowed. See the FAQ or wiki for details" message if I try to post a link?

The message is self explanatory. In simple words, you are trying to post a link from a filtered site which pays you per click. This has been disallowed in all sections except Pics n Vids - Poster's Paradise since some members started misusing this opportunity to make money by spamming on XB. We are intolerant when it comes trouble making or causing inconvenience to our users. Please post such links in the Pics n Vids - Spammer's Paradise section only.

I don’t agree with a particular user or with his posts. What should I do?

Don't be offended too easily! If you disagree with others opinion, that doesn't mean you should take it personally. If their post or thread is way too offensive, please alert the moderators by using report post feature. you will find this Report.gif button on the top right corner of your post. Please bear in mind, you are NOT supposed to abuse/threaten/harass a member or his family directly or indirectly. Persistent behavior would result in banning the user from this site.

Why are my single(post) threads got merged into one mega thread?

Please Do not open so many threads. In case you have not noticed, some of your threads do not have any replies while others have very few. This is futile both for you and this board. Instead of opening multiple threads, collect all your clips and make a mega thread. You will get more responses. Hence all your threads were merged into a single big one. We hope you will keep this in mind for future.

How do I post a video?

To post a video on XB, first of all you will have to upload your video on anyone of the file sharing services like FilesFlash. After successful uploading of your file, you can just copy and paste the link in your threads on XB. Also see MD: Tutorials.

How do I post a picture?

Upload your pictures on anyone one of the picture hosting services like picscrazy and copy and paste the BB code in your posts. Also see Tutorials.

Can I post pictures through zip/rar files or share them via torrents?

No you can't. In Xossipz pictures can only be posted as inline or as thumbnails. All other forms are disallowed.

Some important guide lines to make your life easier in Pics and Vids section:

Please make sure that you have chosen the right section before posting. Request for videos, pictures etc. shall be made in Requests section.

  • DO NOT post ANY copyrighted materials
  • DO NOT share MP3s (Music albums, Bollywood hits etc.), Full length movies (Hollywood, Bollywood etc.), and copyrighted porn!
  • Child pornography is not only disallowed, but abhorred here. Violation of this would result in life ban of the concerned user.
  • Bestiality is also not allowed.
  • DO NOT post images/videos depicting violence/gore/inhuman, scat/puking/other disgusting stuff.
  • DO NOT post any solo dick or gay images in the board. It is no longer allowed. Doing so will result in admonitory action in the form of infraction and if required, a ban.
  • DO NOT post images/videos with personal details or any sort of advertisements.
  • DO NOT discuss any religious and political topics, it is strictly prohibited. You have other boards for such stuff, spare XP!
  • DO NOT advertise other boards on XP.
  • DO NOT use nude or semi-nude images in AVs or signatures. People surf non porn forums from work, it will be inconvenient for such people to have their bosses see nude images!
  • DO NOT negative rep others without a valid reason. Valid reasons include abusive posts, spammers or posting something that's against the rules.
  • DO NOT request passwords and invitations of other sites.
  • DO NOT use images of any sort while appreciating any post. It causes irritation to others and also poses an inconvenience to dialup users.A simple message with normal fonts will serve the purpose just as well.
  • DO NOT use XP torrents section to share files <20 MB in size. You can upload them in any free file host and post it in the pics & vids section.Any such active torrents will be removed.
  • DO NOT use any pay per click hosts to share the pics/vids.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the code of conduct or guide lines, please open a new thread in Help forum.

If you come across a single objectional or violative post, please click the 'Report Bad Post' icon (Report.gif) on the individual post and click send with your remarks. This will dispatch a note to moderators alerting them of the post, and they will check into it as soon as possible. If you believe a post deserves immediate removal, take a look at our Forum Leaders page and feel free to contact one of the Staff Members who are currently on-line.